Accessibility to consistently high-quality cannabis is our mission. We strive to curate consciously grown flower from local farms to offer products that are as diverse as the state of California.

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Stronger together, Krucial works with a network of high-quality farms to bring you the best Cannabis that California has to offer.

We celebrate Cannabis as one of California’s many Natural Wonders, and believe it deserves our stewardship and respect.

Our first run celebrates the Ancient Heritage of our Redwood Forests. Did you know only 23% of redwood forests are protected? These ancient trees serve as a home to countless species of plants and animals. Protecting their legacy is Krucial.

Redwood California


KRUCIAL is thrilled to partner with SANA Packaging and Treehugger Containers to reduce our carbon footprint while working towards a circular economy. We offer recycled glass jars, and lids made from reclaimed ocean plastic that is Oceanworks® Guaranteed, HDPE, and #2 recyclable and made here in California.

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New packaging, who dis? 

Introducing the 🆕 Premium Indoor  packaging, to make it easier for you to tell the difference.

No changes with our sun grown, just this little addition. 

Still sustainably packaged.
A California classic! 

Bred from OG Kush

✅ 23.9% THC
Happy Monday cheers! 

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Happy Earth Day 🌎 

Together, the smallest changes
make the largest impact. 

We are thankful to work with conscious like-minded brands @treehuggercontainers @sanapackaging @oceanworks whom are making a positive impact on our Earth in packaging. 

We encourage ourselves & you to continue to find more ways to preserve and give back to our Mother Earth everyday.

Stronger together!
Happy 420 💨 💨 💨
Happy Friday! 

Wherever your weekend adventures  are taking you, we hope you have an awesome one!!

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KRUCIAL Rolls Choice 

OG Kush ✖️ Chemdog 

Gassy pine ➕skunk aromas meets earthy and sour! 

Rolls Choice is ideally one for the day and not a bedtime flower.
We at KRUCIAL honor California's Natural Wonders and feel they merit our respect, stewardship and care.

Our first run celebrates the ancient heritage of our California Redwoods. 

The Redwoods demonstrate the beauty of millions of years in the making. 

Did you know these forests store more carbon from the atmosphere than any other forest ecosystem, 
and they support communities of life found nowhere else on our planet? 

Together we can make a difference!
KRUCIAL Lemon Ice Cream 

Gelato #33 ✖️ Wedding Cake

Sweet and creamy 🍋 🍨 

A great sweet sub for Sleepytime Tea or some serious couch time! 

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